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Below you will find all the details on admission for the Academic Year 2020/2021.

For required documents go to:—wymagane-dokumenty-20202021

Tuition fee can be found under each programme you serach in the search bar.


Bachelor level:

Chemistry 8600 PLN/semester (10 seats)
English Studies 3000 PLN/semester (9 seats)
Management 9000 PLN/semester (28 seats)

Master level:

Chemistry 8600 PLN/semester (10 seats)
English Studies 3000 PLN/semester (5 seats)
Economics 9000 PLN/semester (14 seats)
Management 9000 PLN/semester (9 seats)
Physics and Astronomy 4000 PLN/semester (4 seats)

1. Admission will start 11 May (Monday) and will last until 10 July (Friday)*

  • Due to Covid-19, updates regarding admission for studies will appear on the main site. Please follow it regularly.

II round of admission (only for programmes where there are seats and on the condition that the candidate will get a visa in order to arrive for the 1st of October)

24 AUGUST 2020 – 4 SEPTEMBER 2020List of accepted candidates – 9 SEPTEMBER 2020

2. In order to apply, candidates have to create an account, register for a chosen programme, provide all required information in the personal account, pay admission fee (non-refundable) and upload required documents. (look at the tasks on your account and follow instructions sent to your email).

3. You can find the list of programmes through the serach bar. The tuition fee will appear under the name of each programme and after you click on the programme of your interest.

4. All faculties may in the process ask a candidate for online interview or exam. The information will appear in your inbox.

5. The list of pre-acceptance will appear on 15th July on the main site. The list from the II round will appear on the website on 9th September.

6. Not providing admission fee results in not taking the application into consideration. Tuition fee may be paid after pre-acceptance from the Faculty. After we receive the tuition fee, an invitation letter will be sent to the address provided in your account.

7. All messages during admission process will be sent to the email address provided in personal account by the candidate.

8. Before the academic year starts, pre-accepted candidate should provide original document personally in the Department of International Cooperation (the dates will be provided via email).

9. Qualification for studies is in a form of a certificate/diploma contest. Programmes will be opened only after we have a minimum number of candidates required to open it.

For more information write to: