Visit in China - Wizyta w Chinach

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In October the employees of the Department of International Cooperation from NCU went to visit Chinese candidates for studies from Chengdu and Guangzhou with Ready, Study, Go Poland.

W październiku pracownice DWM odwiedziły kandydatów na studia z Chengdu oraz Kantonu razem z fundacją Ready, Study, Go Poland.

At the end of October Nicolaus Copernicus University took part in China Education Expo 2018 as a representation of Polish delegation coordinated by National Agency for Academic Exchange. Apart from participating in the fair in Guangzhou on October 25, we had the opportunity to present ourself at the fair in Chengdu, at the seminar in the headquarters of the Polish Consulate General and at the conference at Xihua University in Sichuan province.

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30 Oct 2018